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Solid Dispersions: A Review

A.Arunachalam, M.Karthikeyan, Kishore Konam, Pottabathula hari Prasad, S.Sethuraman, S.Ashutoshkumar

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Solid dispersions have attracted considerable interest as an efficient means of improving the dissolution rate and hence the bioavailability of a range of hydrophobic drugs. This article reviews the various preparation techniques for solid dispersion and compiles some of the recent technology transfers. The different types of solid dispersions based on the molecular arrangement have been highlighted. Some of the practical aspects to be considered for the preparation of solid dispersions, such as selection of carrier and methods of physicochemical characterization, along with an insight into the molecular arrangement of drugs in solid dispersions are also discussed. The Experience with solid dispersions over the last 20-30 years indicates that this is a very fruitful approach to improving the release rate and oral bioavailability of poorly water soluble drugs and the availability of a wide variety of polymers that are themselves poorly soluble or which swell under aqueous conditions suggests that solid dispersions have tremendous potential in the area of controlled release dosage forms.


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