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Fast Dissolving Oral Film Technology: An Innovative Buccal Drug Delivery System.

Pratima Pokale*, Punam Bramhdandi, Ketkee Adsul, Somnath Wable, Supriya Khatal, Prashant Khade.

Department of Pharmaceutics, Shankarrao Ursal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research Centre, Kharadi, Pune-411014, Maharashtra, India.

First Online:2019-09-22

Cite As : Pratima Pokale, Punam Bramhdandi, Ketkee Adsul, Somnath Wable, Supriya Khatal, Prashant Khade. 10, 1, 2019.

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The oral cavity is an attractive site for the delivery of drugs. Oral route has been the most convenient and commonly employed route of drug delivery. Through this route it is possible to realize mucosal (local effect) and transmucosal (systemic effect) drug administration. In the first case the aim is to achieve a site-specific release of the drug on the mucosa, whereas the second case involves drug absorption through the mucosal barrier to reach the systemic circulation. The main obstacles that drugs meet when administered via the buccal route derive from the limited absorption area and the barrier properties of the mucosa. Oral films provide better drug utilization in by-passing the first pass metabolism, enhance drug bioavailability, mask the bitter taste of the drug and do not need water to swallow. In this article main focus is done on overview of Buccal drug delivery, anatomy of oral mucosa, different dosage forms, formulation aspects, evaluation methods, packaging; this will be useful to circumvent the difficulties associated with the formulation design.


Buccal drug delivery, Transmucosal, Oral mucosa, Innovative, Mucoadhesion, Barrier, Permeability.

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Received: 20 June 2019

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