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A Review on Microsponges: A Novel Drug Delivery System.

Sagar Lohot*, Archana Yadav, Sujit Kakade, Vikram Veer, Ashok Bhosale

PDEA’s Shankarrao Ursal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research Centre, Kharadi,
Pune-14, Maharashtra, India.

First Online:2020-01-12

Cite As : Sagar Lohot, Archana Yadav, Sujit Kakade, Vikram Veer, Ashok Bhosale.

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As pharmaceutical industry, moving ahead with different innovative techniques in various controlled released dosage forms like solid formulation, semi solid formulation and topical preparation due to efficacy and patient compliance. Conventional preparations of the topical drugs have some disadvantages like unpleasant odor and skin irritation and fail to reach the site of action in sufficient amounts in few cases. This problem overcomes by microsponge delivery system. Microsponge is a recent novel technique for control release and target specific drug delivery system. Microsponges are polymeric delivery system composed of porous microspheres. They are composed tiny sponge-like spherical particle with a large porous surface. Microsponge system reduced side effects, improved stability, increased appearance, and enhanced formulation flexibility and economic therapy. The present review introduces microsponge technology along with its properties, advantage, characteristics, method of preparation, evaluation, and application summery of various microsponge drugs of different category with various polymers and ratio and effectiveness over conventional dosage form.


Microsponges, Controlled release, Microsponge dosage form.

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Received: 31 October 2019

Accepted: 11 January 2020

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